My Comic Boyfriend



Although not perfect, you could say that Naya's life is fine. Naya has a mother and father who not only shower her with affection but also give her confidence and freedom. Although she is not a popular student at school and only has Reno as a friend, Naya thinks everything is more than enough. Everything just feels right. In line with Naya's introverted and organized personality. 

Everything changes when Naya realizes that high school is only 6 months away, the final is coming soon, and prom is in sight. Because Naya don't want her teenage years to pass by, just in time a shooting star descends, Naya prays for Jetta, an imaginary boyfriend who is a male character in his favorite comic can live in the real world to make his days colorful at once to be her prom chaperone. Naya is sure that Jetta's existence will change her flat life be colored. The next morning, Naya's prayer was answered. How will Naya live after Jetta present?



Teen-Drama / Romance

date released:


directed by:

Reka Wijaya


Anami Films, Im-a-gin-e


Arbani Yasiz

as Jetta


as Naya

Tora Sudiro

as Ayah Naya

Kenes Andari

as Bunda Naya

Debo Andryos

as Reno

Sharon Sahertian

as Queena

Bobie Antonio

as Maja

Patricia Lourence

as Kei

Annisha Kirana

as Icha

Delon Mercy

as Abhi

Dewi Rezer

as Mami Queena

Emmi Lemmu

as Ibu Reno