Pretty Boys




1h 40min

A young man from the village, Anugerah, share a dream with his childhood friend Rahmat. Anugerah, the son of a soldier who was left behind by his wife because he often left his family for military assignments, and Rahmat, who was abandoned by his parents and looked after by the villagers, has aspirations to become famous and wealthy TV hosts.

But life in Jakarta is not easy, their job as chefs of a restaurant is not going smoothly. Due to pressure from their superiors, they decide to resign leaving Asty the servant who has feelings for Anugerah. Their big break comes up when Anugerah and Rahmat become paid viewers in a famous gay TV talk show, Kembang Gula. Anugerah shines through when he is called to the stage to answer a quiz question, inviting Rahmat to stage to accompany him. Audience love their chemistry; they steal the show and the attention of Bayu the show producer to recruit both of them as co-hosts with one condition: to imitate and act flamboyantly, attributing the traits of an expressive gay host.

As time goes by, they advance in their careers, their friendship suffers a strain, Anugerah has a change of heart about his career, and the presence of Asty who became the third person colored the dynamics of Anugerah and Rahmat’s lives.



Drama / Comedy

date released:


directed by:



Anami Films


Vincent Rompies

as Anugerah

Deddy Mahendra Desta

as Rahmat

Danilla Riyadi

as Asty

Onadio Leonardo

as Roni

Imam Darto

as Bayu

Roy Marten

as Jono (Anugrah's Father)

Ferry Maryadi

as Koko

Tora Sudiro

as Ladyboy 1

Najwa Shihab

as Guest Star

Hesti Purwadinata

as Istri Ladyboy 1

Enzy Storia

as Guest Star

Dwi Sasono

as Ladyboy 2