17+ Horror/Thriller



1h 15min

Seven friends, Angel, Donna, Ciska, Sarah, Antony, Bondan, and Cupy, grow up together in a clique in high school. One day, Bianca (also known as Caca), their fellow classmate, kills herself by jumping from a school’s balcony.

A year after Bianca’s death, the night of Bianca’s birthday, Sarah and Antony are on a video call. Suddenly, Sarah gets a Facebook message from Caca. Knowing something is off, Sarah tries to block Caca, but fails to do so. Caca sent a footage of last year’s school’s CCTV. Sarah discovers that Caca committed suicide because she saw an article about herself getting raped by her own father.

Sarah, pressured by Caca, agrees to connect the gang with Caca on a video call. Unable to kick Caca out from the video call, strange things start happening to them. Caca threatens the seven of them to confess, or else there will be consequences. She knows that one of them uploaded the article to the school’s website. Someone simply needs to pay. Since no one wanted to confess, Caca forces them to share their own secrets. Pressured by the situation, each one starts to expose their biggest, darkest secrets—and also each other’s shameful skeletons.

A series of secrets, unpleasant and shocking, are starting to get revealed one after the other. With the increasing pressure, they start to turn to each other while Caca picks them of one by one.



17+ Horror / Thriller

date released:


directed by:

Amar Mukhi


Surya Films, Anami Films


Yuniza Icha

as Sarah

Harris Illano

as Antoni

Michael Lie

as Cupi

Damita Argoebie

as Angel

Baron Wilschut

as Bondan

Shoumaya Tazkiyyah

as Cista

Wendy Wilson

as Donna

Ade Ayu

as Bianca Anastasya